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Status Update

I usually like to stay away from blog-like posts, but I figured I should post an update given that this website has deviated a bit from its prior intended use. I was originally going to mainly post about Warhammer Online, specifically the class I played. Fortunately, I realized fairly early on (having only leveled two characters to the cap) that the game was horrible; Mythic revealed their incompetence and all in all it wasn’t that long of an affair. It’s strange that MMORPGs invoke a feeling of longevity, where you want to play for the longest – through thick and thin – to be the best (in a genre bereft of skill) and become a spokesperson for your player class, or other extravagant goals. In games that promote customizable avatars and social aspects, it is where we try hardest to stand out in a crowd. I find this a fitting contrast to FPS games where customization is usually nil, and it hardly even matters if the game records your stats (leaving a permanent footmark, which is all MMOs have going for them) – while it’s a nice touch, we are satisfied merely by on-demand skill and recognition. And of course it’s much easier to get recognition in an FPS – you just need to play well, in stark contrast to an MMO where they are usually entirely based on how much time you put into them.

That said, I’ve given up on Warhammer, and am in one of those “I’ll never play MMOs again” slumps. I kind of hope it sticks, because they really are such terrible wastes of time. That said, I am the guy who quit Everquest permanently… around a half dozen times (I even gave all of my items away each time, as if to solidify the fact – it’s interesting that I would be so sure of my decision each and every time). Still, whenever I cease playing an MMO, I tend to “wake up” as if from a bad dream, trying to understand why I would ever find myself in such a position due to the “play until you are so fed up you violently quit” aspect of the games. The same is not true of other genres, even if interest comes and goes; there are never any “hard feelings”.  MMOs almost feel manipulative, where the primary goal is to simply keep you playing for the sake of your subscription, certainly not for your satisfaction – how many times have we all continued to play an MMO even when the only discussion on Ventrilo would be is how horrible it is and how we all hope the next patch is good? It’s an amazing thing, that such games not only manage to keep players, but thrive so heavily that they have penetrated the casual market – where aspects like the above are least likely to be accepted (not to mention that MMOs actually have a fairly steep learning curve, another facet that means they should not be appealing to casual players).

In any case, as is obvious I’ve been using this website to post any rambling thoughts I may have about games, old or new, or game design in general. I’ve been playing Lock’s Quest on the DS lately quite a bit and am thinking about posting something about that as I’ve had quite a bit of inner dialogue about the game the more I play it.

Disciple of Contradictions

As mentioned, the class I play in Warhammer Online is the Disciple of Khaine. I’m pretty passionate about it and just finished a rather long post involving some of the faults involved in it. While minor quips at best, the post is quite long and probably hard to understand unless you play the class yourself. Read on to check it out.

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And then there was a weblog

After tooling around with a few crummy web designs and trying to think of what I’d even like to do with this website (and the sullen realization that I’m pretty out of touch when it comes to the technical side of web design), I have installed WordPress. I’m not sure how often I’ll update it, but I at least plan on putting stuff about my current gaming interests here. Expect tidbits about Dystopia, the 3D Source engine project I work on, game development in general (with a focus on indie games most likely), and probably some Warhammer Online stuff. I was thinking about doing some strategy posts about the class I play, the Disciple of Khaine, so I’ll probably just toss those here if I go through with that.